During its regular business meeting June 12, Congregation Council continued discussion of church growth and community. Among the issues: Defining the community of All Saints and how it fits into the neighborhood surrounding the building vs. its regional nature, drawing from areas well beyond Worthington. “We don’t need to focus on one community to the exclusion of others,” said Council President Mike Williams. “But we do need to keep in mind our local ties.” Pastor Mike Weaver discussed successful congregations, including those he visited in Israel, where congregations exist that are 1,600 years old. Although they attract visitors from around the world, they still handle the Sacraments and life passages of those who are in their community. “All these places point to something bigger,” Pastor Mike said. “The goal is to keep this story alive.” Council agreed that it needs to continue to focus on developing a strong vision and mission, and, while numbers in the form of attendance and donations are an objective way to measure, they are not the purpose. In future meetings, Council intends to examine specific questions on the health of the congregation. “You want to take vitamins when you’re healthy to stay that way,” Williams said.

In other business, Council:

Heard another positive

report from Treasurer Fred Lockwood, who said that income continues to exceed expenses for the year. Pastor Bonnie Gerber said that last year’s summer giving was strong and hopes to see that continue this summer.​