During April, we're going to ask the congregation to make a sacrifice of time for service at organizations or charities that matter to our members. Do you have a favorite place to volunteer -- a local animal shelter, a park or playground that may need preparation in the spring, a literacy program -- whatever interests you that might not fall under our usual ministries.

​Now's your chance to share that passion.

Would you be willing to set up a time for a team to volunteer in some capacity for a few hours on a day in April? We'll offer that opportunity to the congregation and, we hope, introduce members to one another and to new interests while sharing Christ's love through the donation of that precious resource of our time. Find a form here to share your idea.

We realize that various organizations have different schedules and needs, and we'll work with you to set up a time and activity that will help the organization. With various activities, we hope that also will give flexibility to those who wish to volunteer in April.