Our Bring One More From The Store campaign, which we began in January, is a year-round collection for the Lutheran Social Services Food Pantries in addition to our seasonal drives The idea is simple: When you buy an item for your home during a regular grocery trip, think about buying an extra for those who rely on the pantries for help!

 BOGO sales are a great opportunity to get extra items for the blue bin outside the office door.

After talking with Lutheran Social Services’ representatives, it has become even more apparent that we can make a huge difference if we focus especially on personal-care items for the pantry. Monetary donations for food go a lot further for LSS, as they have greater buying power than we do dollar for dollar. However, personal hygiene and care items are not less expensive for LSS. In addition, SNAP dollars do not apply to these items, so pantry clients are very grateful when shampoos, soaps, toilet paper, paper towels, and personal hygiene items are on the shelves. This makes contributions of these items especially beneficial.

As you grab “one more from the store,” please consider purchasing one of these items. ​